If you live in the Owensboro/Daviess County area, you are likely very familiar with the story of Megan Miller, the young Daviess County High School student who was tragically killed in a car crash six years ago.  Megan was an avid seatbelt user who, rather ironically, was killed the one day she forgot to buckle up.  Since that tragic event, Megan's family members have honored her by dedicating themselves to spreading the importance of seatbelt usage.  Megan's face has graced a series billboards around the area.  Her spirit is everywhere.  And so is her message.  And now, Megan and the Miller family are the subject of a short film commissioned by the Kentucky Transportation Department.  This is powerful, moving and inspirational. 

As Tena Frazier, a friend of Mischelle Miller's stated on Facebook, "I watched your video.  Had to fight the tears.  If that doesn't convince people to wear their seatbelts, something is wrong."

In previous interviews with Mischelle, she has made a similar comment to me.  She has said that if just one person buckles up because of Megan's story that's enough for her.  But I have a feeling this video is going to be a much more powerful call to action.  Let's hope every teenager in the tri-state sees this video and decides to "click it" because of Megan.  Let's hope it's shown all over the Commonwealth and people join in a movement that's proven to be a lifesaver.  And, most importantly, let's hope YOU join the movement.  As the Miller family has implored us all through their billboard campaigns to honor Megan . . . Don't lose someone you love.  Buckle up!