Today marks the 6th year anniversary of the tragic death of Daviess County High School student Megan Miller.  I remember that day very well.  I was working with the school's musical theatre program and many students involved were friends with Megan.  She had planned to come watch them at the school's auditorium.  I remember, vividly, the immediate sense of sorrow and doom when they learned of what happened to their friend.  And, this week, Megan's friends and family are remembering, vividly, that day and crash all over again.  See, Megan was not wearing a seatbelt March 19th, 2006, the day she crashed on U.S. 60.  And the question, "What if she had been?" lurks in the back of the minds of everyone who knew and loved her.  But sometimes tragedies like these ignite powerful change.  And powerful change is exactly what Megan's family remains committed to.

Death is profound. And, I daresay, that the sudden death of someone so young is even more profound.  But a person's legacy in death can sometimes be greater than anyone could ever imagine.  And that is, undoubtedly, the case with Megan Miller.  Since that tragic day six years ago, Megan's parents, Mischelle and Tim, have devoted themselves to spreading the importance of "buckling up."  And they have done so in Megan's honor.  

They have taken their mission to the streets, the schools, to Facebook, to Frankfort.  And, once again, they have taken their mission to the billboards of this community.  In fact, there is a brand new billboard campaign for Buckle Up Owensboro and Megan is featured prominently and proudly. 

Take a look . . .

While Megan may have left us six years ago, she never really left us.  Megan is still living deep in the hearts of her family, friends and this community.  And, now, she is once again a bright, shining star looking down at and out for all of us.  And this week, Megan's message will again be spread for everyone to hear.

The Millers have a full schedule of activities planned for this anniversary week and they will be in our schools stressing the importance of "buckling up."

On Wednesday, the 21st, there will be a mock crash at Whitesville Trinity.  Then, at Daviess County High School, there will be a rollover simulator and Distracted Driving simulator.  There, students will also be asked to sign pledges in which they promise to Buckle Up!  Friday, at Apollo High, there will be another mock crash to help educate students about the importance of seatbelt use.

The strength Megan's parents have is impressive.  They should be commended and applauded for doing their very best to turn tragedy into triumph.  And, for them . . . especially this week . . . it just cannot be easy.  Take, for instance, this recent Facebook post from Megan's mom, Mischelle . . .

There's days you think you are really ok and it hits you that you are, you tell people you are doing great when really you are crying inside....losing someone so young isn't fair, I always wonder what kinda of young lady Megan would have been, I wonder what she'd be doing...I miss her smile and her silly laugh....I do know she's watching over all of us and I hope she'd be proud of what we are doing in her honor...Megan Mischelle I love you!


It's time we say "thank you" in return to the Millers.  While they may have lost a member of their family, they are working overtime to make sure we don't lose any members of ours.  If you want more information about their efforts, CLICK HERE for a special website dedicated to Megan and the Miller's mission.  And, remember, when you see Megan on a billboard make sure you've taken two seconds to "click it."  Those two seconds can save you a whole lifetime.