March 19th marks the 12-year anniversary of the tragic death of Daviess County High School student Megan Miller.  I remember that day very well.  I was working with the school's musical theatre program and many students involved were friends with Megan.  She had planned to come watch them at the school's auditorium.  I remember, vividly, the immediate sense of sorrow and doom when they learned of what happened to their friend.  And, this week, Megan's friends and family are remembering, vividly, that day and crash all over again.  See, Megan was not wearing a seat belt March 19th, 2006, the day she crashed on U.S. 60.  And the question, "What if she had been?" lurks in the back of the minds of everyone who knew and loved her.  But sometimes tragedies like these ignite powerful change.  And powerful change is exactly what Megan's family remains committed to.

Death is profound. And, I daresay, that the sudden death of someone so young is even more profound.  But a person's legacy in death can sometimes be greater than anyone could ever imagine.  And that is, undoubtedly, the case with Megan Miller.  Since that tragic day twelve years ago, Megan's parents, Mischelle and Tim, have devoted themselves to spreading the importance of "buckling up."  And they have done so, again, in Megan's honor.  Here's the brand new billboard in Owensboro honoring Megan and encouraging motorists to buckle up.  This went up just a few days ago here in town.

Photo by Mischelle Myles Miller

And, to mark the anniversary of Megan's death, her family has partnered with Don Moore Automotive on Hwy 54 for a special event on Monday.  The lot will host the Rollover Simulator.

The simulator will be on hand from 10am to 5pm, Monday, March 19th.  Plus, there will be free coffee from Don Moore's Overflow Cafe, a cook out,  giveaways and more.  So, you're invited to stop by an honor Megan's legacy and help promote the life-saving importance of seat belt safety.