Some of the videos in the year-end top ten were produced in previous years and clearly still had legs into this year. The top video, however, stemmed from a terrible tragedy--not just locally but for the whole world.

10. What Do You Mean Parents Move the Shelf?!

9.  The Weird, Funny, Creepy New Sign on Owensboro's Gabe's Tower

8. Does Toothpaste Really Clean a Cloudy Headlight?

7. How to Make a Dairy Queen Cone

6. How to Wiggle Your Ears

5. The Luxury Junior Suite w/Swim Out Pool at Hideaway at Royalton

4. How to Make a Dairy Queen Chocolate-Dipped Cone

3. Making a Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard with a Little Something Extra

2. How to Make a Dairy Queen Blizzard

1. Nicky Hayden's Owensboro Walk of Fame Memorial Grows

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