It was a hot Friday afternoon a week ago, and Digital Manager Ashley suggested we find out from YOU where to get the best ice cream in Owensboro.

We knew you'd come through and come through, you did.

There was a clear winner:

And a clear runner-up:

(NOTE: This video was shot prior to the closure and subsequent re-opening of Wonder Whip under new ownership.)

There were also multiple mentions for Mil's Dairy Bar in Whitesville.

The rest were either regional or national chains like Orange Leaf (yeah, I know, it's frozen yogurt, but it IS good), Cold Stone Creamery, Ritzy's, Lic's, Culver's, Baskin-Robbins, Dairy Queen, and, interestingly, Chick Fil-A.

Myself? I can no longer eat ice cream (or yogurt OR drink milk...and that Lactaid stuff doesn't really help me, although it does help others), so I've come to love the world of sorbet.

As for the rest of you, ENJOY YOUR ICE CREAM!

It's summertime!


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