You may recall that I've been having issues with getting calls from phone numbers from all over the country AND Kentucky. Nobody ever leaves a message.

I've felt they were scam calls so I just let them go.

On Monday, I received FOUR calls from the following number:


Typically, I would never PUBLISH a phone number, but this is a service to you or anyone you know with regards to this number.

See, I decided to Google that phone number, just for the heck of it. JUST to see what, if anything, I would find out.

Many websites came up, but two were of particular interest. fairly emphatically says NOT to answer when this number appears on your caller ID screen.

And, in fact, the website has a list of picture codes and has assigned the one indicating "marketing call" to this particular number. comes across as a little less alarmist about this phone number. Plus, it gave me much more information about this number.

It's assigned to Alec, Inc. and apparently that's a good sign. It's a telemarketing firm that, according to, has disguised itself so that when the number appears on your caller ID and it shares you area code, you'll be more comfortable answering it.

Still, the site says don't answer if you don't recognize.

By the way, it came from Elizabethtown.

By the way, I called this number back from a landline and got a quick fuzzy sound then one of those rapid-fire busy signal tones.

Now, if anyone LEGITIMATE calls me from a number I don't recognize, I'll never know.

Technology is AWESOME...except when it isn't.




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