I finally broke myself of a bad habit. I'd been doing it much too often and it could've sent me down a very wrong road. But no more.

I finally stopped answering my phone EVERY time it rings.

Look at this:


I don't know anyone in New Jersey...or Iowa:


And I've never even BEEN to Alaska (although I want to go):


And Texas and California? Well, I'm getting calls from all KINDS of different area codes in those two behemoths.

Since I believe some one or some PEOPLE have been trying to scam me, I know longer answer the phone if I don't recognize the number.

It's gotten tricky since I'm getting the same types of phone calls from Kentucky.

The last time I answered one (and, no, I shouldn't have) was a while back and all I heard some low strange noise and then a rapid busy signal.

Red flag.

One time, I took one of these numbers and called it back from a land line.

Same noise.

These numbers are now all blocked, but I'm sure I'll continue to get more from other parts of the country.

Listen, I think this is some kind of scam, but I'll never really know for sure, so if this is happening to you, be careful.

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