Calling all donors!  The Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center is always seeking blood donations but today it is URGENT.  They are seeking O-positive and STAT.

Owensboro's blood center serves 6 hospitals and 3 air ambulances.  The pandemic and a recent incident have completely depleted the supply of O-Positive blood.  This blood is used for procedures, surgeries, and more.

Why not give the gift that money can't buy.  If you would like to donate please call for an appointment at 270-684-9296.  The blood center is located at 3015 Old Hartford Road.  There is another location in Hopkinsville at 1902 S. Virginia Street.

If you have never given blood before no worries.  They will walk you through the entire process.  You will need a photo ID.  They will take you through a questionnaire.  Then prepare you to give blood.  It is super welcoming and they give you a choice to have a delicious snack of all varieties.  My favorites are Peanut Butter Crackers and a tiny but amazing can of grape juice.

Former OHS Grad Working In NYC Hospital



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