So, imagine you're on Family Feud, and you get this question, "What do you think is the most common last name in America?"

You hit the big button and say, "Smith!"

Steve Harvey says something funny, or tries to, and reveals "Smith" as the number one answer!

Then your team says names like "Johnson," "Jones," "Brown," "Williams," etc.

And, boom, you've wiped out the top 5.

NOW, if you're playing a Daviess County, Kentucky version of the Feud, unfortunately, you've racked up three strikes.


Only Johnson and Smith are among the five most common last names in Daviess County!

According to, they rank two and four, respectively.

Interestingly enough, the most common last name in Daviess County, according to the forebears survey conducted in 2014, ranks 166th in the nation.

It happens to be "Payne."

Here's the Top 25 (since it IS basketball season, after all):

1. Payne
2. Johnson
3. Howard
4. Smith
5. Clark
6. Jones
7. Brown
8. Roberts
9. Miller
10. Hamilton
11. Taylor
12. Hayden
13. Thompson
14. Mattingly
15. Morris
16. Wilson
17. Williams
18. Hagan
19. Cecil
20. Fulkerson
21. Martin
22. Murphy
23. Hall
24. Evans
25. Ward

So did you make the Top 25? Did you make the Top 100? I made neither, nor did some other last names I thought would make an appearance.

Oh well, maybe next time.

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