I just saw another tweet from someone wishing Owensboro would get a Cici's Pizza. It seemed like this person didn't know we used to have one. He/she can be forgiven for that since it's been a LONG time since Cici's has been here.

But WHY Cici's left IS a good question.

Here's a restaurant chain that gives you a lot of food for your money. It's great for families watch their budget. And based on what I've seen in the parking lot outside of Evansville's Cici's location (and I don't know if there's more than one), it doesn't look like THAT one's going away anytime soon.

This tweet I saw earlier isn't the first time I've seen a plea for Cici's to come back. I doubt it will be the last one.

But what about OTHER businesses that are still active chains but are NO LONGER in Owensboro?

That Tumbleweed building out on South Frederica has been sitting empty for a few years now, but others in the area are thriving.

Honestly, off the top of my head, those two stand out. I'd add Captain D's to the list, but I've heard it's returning to Owensboro.

And I've pretty much hit on restaurants because, typically, when a national retail establishment goes away, that usually means it's going out of business everywhere.

See K-Mart, Sears, Radio Shack, and Toys R Us for recent examples.

So, what about it? What should return to Owensboro that Owensboro will support?

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