I came across a story out of Idaho, of all places, about two drivers who were pulled over for driving too slow in the left lane.

WKYT/Lexington also goes on to say that three other drivers in the Gem State were given warnings.

The new law targeting drivers who are driving below the speed limit went into effect on July 1st.

Apparently, they are cracking down.

Now, to be fair, we're not talking about drivers who were driving the speed limit or just a little over--a practice that many interstate highway drivers feel is too slow.

We're talking about folks who were in the left lane and driving below the limit.

It sent me on a search for Kentucky speeding laws and what the Bluegrass State's books say about driving too slow in the left lane.

They don't say much. In fact, although Kentucky law REQUIRES drivers to avoid going slow enough to impede the flow of traffic, it's worded like a polite request.

I don't know. That level of enforcement for this particular law may not be as strenuous as it is in Idaho where the speed limit on some interstate highways is as high as 80MPH.

What do you think? Should law enforcement take a harder look when folks are driving below the limit in the left lane?


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