Have you ever been around those people who always have to address an issue in the most unfortunate and not so nice way?  They've been deemed the "Karen's" of the world.   I know lots of Karen's that are absolutely amazing but for research's sake, we are using the term "Karen" and not referring to those lovely women with the same name.  So humor me if you will...

What exactly is a Karen?  When you search the internet you will find it most often described as the "I'd like to speak to the manager" type personality.  The one who is most likely never wrong or oblivious to anything or anyone who exists outside of their own tiny bubble.

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YIKES right?!  Seems harsh but to be honest I have met a few of them in my time and have learned to steer clear when I spot one headed my way.

A great example would be when someone finds an issue with any and everything they see or always has to put their two cents in.  Let's say a building had a gutter issue and the owners maybe couldn't see the issue instead of a person complaining to the city they live in they could come to the owner of the building and let them know what they saw.  Maybe this person was aware or maybe they weren't either way it is called common courtesy.  Just be nice and kind and think how would I want someone to treat me?

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