For the last few years, Lay's has been introducing new flavors that we, the consumers, can vote for.

What if they gave us potato chips with flavors that were inspired by Owensboro?

After an informal survey, I got some suggestions. Some of them sound really good. Others are very cleverly funny.

Let's start with the most popular suggestion:

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

Lay's Burgoo Potato Chips actually sounds like a GREAT idea. IF this were to happen, I think this would be the best choice because of burgoo's unique flavor profile, but there are other suggestions, like this obvious one:

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

Lay's Mutton Potato Chips. But I have a we keep it JUST mutton, or do we make them Lay's Mutton w/Pickle & Onion Potato Chips. That's how I eat my mutton sandwiches.

Moving along, we have Lay's Catfish and Tartar Sauce Potato Chips as a suggestion. That's a good non-barbecue Owensboro idea, although I'm not sure how a fish flavor would translate to a potato chip.

Catfish Nuggets Dinner
Getty Images/iStockphoto

But, then again, Lay's began this whole thing with a cappucino-flavored chip and it was one of the absolute worst things I ever tasted in my life. As far as I'm concerned, that makes ANYthing fair game.

Like for example...Turonis Lotsa Meat Pizza or Rolling Pin Chocolate Long Johns. (That last one might ought to be reserved for a new Oreo.

I have a suggestion for a Dugout Bacon Cheeseburger Lay's Potato Chip. And leads me to wonder why no one came up with Big Dipper Pig in a Blanket Lay's.

I see Old Hickory Ribs, picnic chicken, and fancy sauce (ketchup and mayo).

And now, for the ideas that come loaded with a very clever sense of humor:

Lay's Soybean Scent Potato Chips, Lay's Grain Potato Chips, and a suggestion for a chip with--and I quote--"a Hazelnut & Vinegar So It Would Be Sweet and Bitter Call It Smothers Park!"

And, finally, Flippin' Mad Bull Hotwing Flavor.

Ahem, maybe the less said about that one the better? (Although it does sound like it would taste good.)


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