How do you spell "blecch?" Oh, I think I just did. You see, that's my general reaction when it comes to jelly beans.

I can't stand them.

Never could.

But, you know something, my grandparents' generation LOVED them.

And, well, yeah generations after theirs. I know tons of folks who love jelly beans.

But anyway, my grandmother would always keep dishes of jelly beans or--God forbid--gumdrops around her house.

I just have never liked jellied candies.

So along comes this survey from that identifies American's favorite jelly beans, state by state.

And, wouldn't you know? The top jelly bean for Kentucky is actually my LEAST favorite candy flavor, period.

It's also number one, nationally. (Number two is no prize, either.)

But, yep, my least favorite candy of them all is Kentucky's--and America's--favorite jelly bean.

That flavor was also my grandmother's favorite.

She'd be very pleased.

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