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Owensboro Times broke the news early Sunday morning that Owensboro, very soon, will be home to a new retail store called pOpshelf. The chain, which is a division of Dollar General, is a discount store where the majority of items are priced at $5 or less. While reaction to the news was mixed on social media, several people with prior pOpshelf experience are excited we’re getting one here in town.

Tiffany Joudonais, who used to live in Owensboro, but now lives in Texas, said, “Y’all, don’t sleep on pOpshelf! Ladies, I suggest trying it as soon as it opens.” It’s no coincidence that Tiffany specifically shouted out “ladies” because that’s exactly pOpshelf’s target audience.

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Janice Smith of Owensboro agrees with Tiffany. Janice recently visited the pOpshelf location in Mt. Joliet, Tennessee. She raves about it. “I liked it because it felt a little more classy in the sense that it wasn’t cluttered and everything was displayed really well.” That’s no coincidence, by the way. Dollar General set out on a mission with pOpshelf to attract a “wealthier” clientele.

Janice adds that store, which lists Christmas, Harvest, Kitchen, Household, Beauty & Body, Toys, Electronics and Pet among its product categories, reminds her of Kirklands. She says, “The prices were great. I think it was along the lines of a Kirklands as far as it had holiday, décor, dishes, housewares and things like that.”

Janice says at pOpshelf, at least the location she visited, “You have to check yourself out.” But she adds there is a clerk to assist you should you need help. And the bagging at the store is more upscale as well. “Instead of things going in plastic bags, it was a paper bag with tissue if that tells you anything.”

The Owensboro location will be at 2600 Calumet Trace in Gateway Commons off Hwy 54. The store is expected to open in early 2024. The Owensboro location will be the sixth location in Kentucky- joining stores in Bowling Green, Frankfort, Elizabethtown, Winchester and Shepherdsville.

Dollar General launched its pOpshelf three years ago and the chain’s popularity has been skyrocketing since.

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