Hey chocolate lovers, you're getting a box of assorted chocolates for Valentine's Day. Which do you eat first, and which always gets left behind because nobody wants it? Take a bite, and vote for the best and worst Valentine chocolates in the box.

Food Photographer - Jennifer Pallian for Unsplash
Food Photographer - Jennifer Pallian for Unsplash

Getting a box of chocolate on Valentine's Day is a national pastime. There are so many chocolate choices to consider from dark, milk or white chocolate all stuffed with deliciousness.

Sure, we all have our favorites, but my favorite chocolate in the box is caramel. Do you agree with me? The chocolate that will never be touched are the cream-filled ones. They have a very awkward texture and are just too sweet, and not in a good way. In my opinion!

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The question is, which chocolate below is going to satisfy your sweet tooth? Which will end up in the trash? Vote now!

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