With 2nd and Charles opening and the new Malco Theater making progress, Gateway Commons is filling up. And let's not forget the hotel, currently under construction.

But, so far, no restaurant.

Naturally, there WILL be a restaurant. There has to be. And probably more than one.

I conducted an informal poll to see what folks are hoping for or what they think will be  Gateway Commons' first restaurant, even if it isn't necessarily their choice.

I got a variety of suggestions (hopes? dreams? wishes?).

And I have a guess, too, that comes more under the heading of wish or hope. I'll get to it in a minute, after I've surveyed what I have to this point.

I haven't seen in any repeats but I have seen chicken restaurants pop up as guesses. I'm thinking that since that stretch of 54 already has quite a few chicken places, Gateway Commons might steer away from that type of establishment, even if it isn't right on 54.

Well-known brands were tossed out like Chili's, Outback, Subway and Red Robin.

It was suggested that maybe Gateway Commons get a second Buffalo Wild Wings, or any type of sports-atmosphere place.

A couple of folks suggested Mexican restaurants. But with El Bracero opening rather recently and it being nearby, I bet that doesn't happen.

And even though the suggestion of Waffle House came with a laughing emoji, I don't think that would terribly unusual OR unwelcome.

Here's my two cents, keeping in mind I have absolutely NO idea what Gateway Commons' first restaurant will be.

I am lobbying for a Cookout.

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

And I've mentioned this chain before. There's one in Bowling Green. They have them ALL OVER Tennessee and North Carolina. It looks like it's a southern chain.

And the burgers are SENSATIONAL!

Let's see which one of us, ultimately, is correct.

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