I know a few friends of mine who put their Christmas trees up before Halloween even got here.  Of course, department stores have had Christmas stuff out on the shelves and floors for months now.  But when do you think is the appropriate time for stores and shopping malls to start playing Christmas music?  Offers.com conducted a recent poll of folks around the country.  One thousand people were asked if stores should start playing Christmas music in mid-October, on November 1st, the week of Thanksgiving or December 1st.  Here's what they said:


The folks conducting the survey even when a step further.  They called a variety of retail stores to see when they plan to start playing Christmas music.  Here's what some popular retailers said.

Belk: After Thanksgiving

Costco: After Thanksgiving

Dilliards: Early November

Home Depot: On Black Friday

JCPenney: Already playing

Kohl’s: Already playing

Macy’s: November 23rd (the week before Thanksgiving)

Nordstorm: On Black Friday

Sephora: Already playing

Target: Doesn’t play music over loudspeakers

Disclaimer: Offers.com called different store locations to confirm the information below. However, please note information may vary depending on location.

So, chime in!  When do YOU think is the bright time, the right time to crank up Christmas music?


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