This query came across my Facebook feed for ANOTHER city and I got to thinking...I bet there ARE places in Owensboro so commonly frequented that most residents have been there at LEAST once.

We'll fan this out when we get more responses, but, for now, I'll start with me.

Clearly, there are places I've been at least once that no one has ever visited, but that's kind of the point, too.

So, here we go..

Both Walmarts, Towne Square Mall, Cracker Barrel, TGI Friday's, O'Charley's, Best Buy, Target, Big Lots, Applebee's, JC Penney, Smothers Park, the Executive Inn (ah, a throwback), Shogun, Wasabi Express, Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, Maloney's, Cheddar's, Fetta Specialty Pizza, the Owensboro Convention Center, Moonlite, Old Hickory, Kroger, Meijer, the RiverPark Center, Friday After Five, the Boiler Room, Diamond Lake, Windy Hollow, Kentucky Motor Speedway, the post office, Gabe's Tower (another throwback), Legion Park, Moreland Park, English Park, Chatauqua Park, Daviess County High School, Daviess County Middle School, Masonville Elementary School (throwback part 3), Wesleyan Park Plaza, Malco, and, finally, "Oh Lord, I could be here all night."

That's the thing. I really could. And so could you.

But I still want to know, Owensboroans, where in this town have you visited at least once?

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