My cousin Jennifer grew up in and lives in Muhlenberg County. She walks everyday and she likes to snap pictures along the Trails to Rails. The other day, she spotted this white wooly worm, which got me thinking, what does a white one mean? 

So, I've decided to reevaluate the wooly worm weather predictors. Your common wooly worm is black at both ends with a rusty, orange color in the middle. If the worm is almost or completely black, the more severe the weather. If the rusty band is longer, a mild winter is on the horizon.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, a wooly worm or caterpillar that is white or yellow is not a weather predictor. I've always heard if you see the regular wooly worm before the first frost, which we are FAR from that at the moment, it means winter will be very cold, it doesn't necessarily indicate how back the winter precipitation or what kind we'll see.

Let's go back to our friend Frosty the Wooly Worm. If you see him/her, it's going to be a snowy winter. I know the Farmer's Almanac disagrees, but it's all folklore.

Just hope if you see a wooly worm, the orange band is wide, very wide.

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