If you've ever watched the sport of curling, you know it's one of the strangest sports on the planet.  Of course, it's also oddly fascinating and addictive!  Just take it from Debbie Connor and her daughter, Tara Groves.  These Whitesville ladies are so enthralled with the sport, they have developed their own version of it!  It involves a broom and a robotic vacuum called a Roomba.  This is hilarious!!


As of this afternoon, their video has amassed over 500,000 views on Facebook!  Both ladies admit they didn't expect this kind of reaction.  Tara says, "This is nutso!  The amount of people sharing and viewing our video!!"

Debbie adds, "It's just mind blowing!"  She also said that if she knew this many people were going to see the video she "would have cleaned up a little better!"

But heck!  The curling spoof, complete with Debbie barking, is perfect the way it is.  In this, a Winter Olympic year, these girls are golden!

**UPDATE: On Monday evening, the ladies were shared by NBC Olympics and, as of Tuesday morning, their video has well over 10 million views!**

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