Christmas is right around the corner. In fact, I'd be willing to bet a lot of folks were counting the seconds until the Halloween decorations came down and the Christmas stuff went up.

And now that is all we will see in our favorite retail establishments between now and December 25th. And, of course, we will see plenty of Christmas candy.

I love hard candy and especially the kind companies trot out for the holiday season. Especially ribbon candy. It's my favorite.

I'm a big fan of candy canes, too. I like to suck on them until they get to a point and become a lethal weapon. I'm kidding, of course, but that IS a dangerous activity for your tongue. The first time I saw my sister do it when I was a kid, I wanted to do it. And I cut my gums with it.

I doubt I would spend that much time on mac and cheese flavored candy canes. And I'm not making that up. Not the "wouldn't spend much time" part. No, the mac and cheese candy cane part. That's a legit thing.

Of COURSE it doesn't need to be, but novelty stores don't care about stuff like that. Archie McPhee CERTAINLY doesn't. That's why his Seattle-based online store is so much fun. That's why he SELLS mac and cheese flavored candy canes.

He ALSO sells ketchup flavored candy canes and when I saw this, I couldn't help but think of our own Barb Birgy, who will not eat macaroni and cheese unless it has ketchup on it. I've seen her do it and it's horrifying. So, yeah, I thought of Barb. But when I told her about these candy canes, even SHE said, "That's where I draw the line."

Is it where YOU draw the line? Would you buy a package just to trick your friends? Make them think it's banana-flavored or something?

Happy holidays!

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