Completely by accident, our digital manager--Ashley, Chad, and myself were all in close proximity to one another in the lobby today. To say that what you're seeing below was noticeable would be a glaring understatement.

Chad has just returned from a vacation in Cancun, Mexico. He tans like no other. Now, I know it helps to visit tanning beds, as Chad does. And clearly, it worked wonders as his tanning bed tan was clearly enhanced by the Mexican sun. The funny thing is, he was much darker than he is now.


Now, enter Ashley and I.

Technically, the flesh tone color is "peach." But next to Chad, it was more like "chalk."

Maybe even "corpse."

Regardless, we had to get a picture. Everyone has always told me, "You're so white." Now I've got the photo to back it up.

If you blur your eyes, it looks like a hamburger.