When I was a kid, I loved putting potato chips on sandwiches. Something about the combination of salt and additional crunch gave those basic "lunch meat" sandwiches an extra kick. The potato chips made them more fun to eat and, well, more delicious.

I'll admit it. The habit of adding chips TO the sandwich, instead of just having them as a side, resolved itself at some point during my adulthood. However, another adult friend of mine just reminded me and everyone else how delicious that chip/sandwich combination is.

Nikie Walker recently shared this photo of her Facebook page.

Nikie Walker
Nikie Walker

She wrote, "Potato chips on a sandwich are a MUST. Who’s with me???" As it turns out, a lot of her friends are- including John Duncan, who refers to this glorious creation as a "chipwich."

A few years back, People actually published a story about adding potato chips to sandwiches. They, too, cited the "marriage of good taste and great texture." The magazine highlighted ten sandwiches- from a basic grilled ham and cheese to a lobster roll- that are even better with some potato chips in the mix.

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Karen Campbell, another friend of Nikie's, said, "I’ve been known to make just a potato chip sandwich!" That sounded intriguing to me, so I looked it up. As it turns out, potato chip sandwiches are a thing!

Mashed recently shared a story about the origins of the potato chip sandwich. According to that story, there are conflicting claims about where the idea came from. However, such sandwiches are popular all around the world and have different names depending on where you are.

While I've never had just a potato chip sandwich, I have certainly eaten my share of sandwiches (and hamburgers) with potato chips on them. So, what about you?


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