It's always been puzzling to me that Santa doesn't wrap presents at every house. Are the Elves being lazy? Did Santa simply run out of time? Was there not enough wrapping paper available at the North Pole? Are presents wrapped or unwrapped from Santa at your house on Christmas morning?

When I was growing up all of our presents from Santa were always wrapped in special wrapping paper so we knew that they came from the North Pole. There was joy in ripping open that wrapping paper to see what Santa brought us. That's all I ever knew.

When I moved to Kentucky and met my husband he was shocked when I told him this as Santa NEVER wrapped his presents. Santa always delivered his gifts unwrapped and placed them under the tree. I couldn't wrap (no pun intended!) my mind around that concept.

My stepson was eight years old when we met in 1996 and I was excited and nervous to see how Santa would deliver his gifts at Christmas.

To wrap or not to wrap.... How does Santa deliver your gifts?

Shironosov, ThinkStock