There's only one form of jerky I won't eat and that's because I already have. It's kangaroo jerky. I got it an outdoor expo at the Owensboro Convention Center a few years ago, and it is NASTY.

That's fine. The Australians can have it.

As for all other types? Bring them to me. I love jerky.

So why in the world have I never heard of Kentucky's Beef Jerky Outlet?

Specifically, it's Louisville's, which is even better because that means it's relatively close.

The Beef Jerky Outlet's Facebook page indicates there are over 100 varieties of the popular protein-packed snack available, including weird flavors like ostrich, alligator, and, yes, kangaroo.

If you're not a jerky fan, they have other items as well.

But if you ARE or if you know someone who loves jerky, here you go.

And, maybe, THERE you to Louisville.

So much jerky, so little time.



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