I'm beginning to wonder what a growing number of drivers see when they look at this stop sign.

It's positioned at the corner of the old K-Mart building in Wesleyan Park Plaza. It's a weird intersection, to be sure.

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Google Maps

But it's not so weird that EVERYONE forgets what to do when they get to it.

Folks driving around the south side of the building always stop. And that's the stop sign that's painted on the pavement.

Folks approaching on Emory Drive always stop. And that's because they see a standard-issue stop sign right there.

But those coming out of Wesleyan Park Plaza? Well, sometimes that a completely different story.

Right there at the corner of that building stands one of those "standard-issue" stop signs. Yet, you'd be surprised how many people NEVER stop at that sign.

If you're approaching from somewhere besides Wesleyan Park Plaza, you really need to be aware that there are drivers who just won't stop there. And you can't tell me they don't see the stop sign.

Rule of thumb. Stop at stop signs.

It's really that simple.


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