I saw this story floating around a couple of days ago on social media.  And though the story is actually a couple of years old, I still can't believe anyone ever agreed to it.  But, according to USA Today, River Falls-based Three Square Market, a Wisconsin vending company, ran an experiment and embedded microchips in its employees.

According to company officials interviewed by USA Today, the microchips were designed for "convenience" and a way for employees to "bypass using company badges and corporate log-ons to computers.

Okay, I have to say this.  Even though the chips reportedly do not have GPS capability, I think this is completely over the line.  Angel and I agree that we would NEVER consent to this.  It's just too weird and invasive.  In fact, when I shared this story with Angel she went on a five-minute long tirade that ended with "Uh uh!  I ain't doing it.  I will quit my job."  Yes, her response was THAT dramatic.  But I am with her.  I mean, I microchipped my dogs, but that's in case they chase a rabbit through the backyard, crash through the fence and escape into west side of town.

Hey, I give it to the fifty or so folks who agreed to this and earned their "I Got Chipped" t-shirts.  But they can have 'em.  I'll stick to using my key card to get into my office buildings and I'll just use a good old fashioned George Washington to buy a snack from the vending machine.



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