I am trying my best to age gracefully.  I often get told that people cannot believe that I am 46-years-old.  I'm not sure how a 46-year-old is supposed to look, but I don't look it.  LOL!  When I look in the mirror, I don't see a day over 29.  That is until I see the top of my head.  What on Earth is going on with my hair?


Could my hair get any thinner?  I mean, this is how the surface of the Midwest looks from a plane at 35,000 feet.  Seriously!  Several swatches of land with river waters flowing through them.  I don't even know when this happened.  And where in the heck did it go?

I grow hair like crazy.  I have to trim my beard and shave my face every two days.  My legs are chimpanzee-hairy.  I have the toes of a Hobbit.  If I didn't manscape my armpits I could climb a tower and change my name to Rapunzel.  So, what is happening to the hair on my head??????

And, seriously!  What am I supposed to do about this?  Are there supplements?  Should I use that weird can of spray paint that gives the illusion of hair?  Or should I just Mr. Clean it and shave my head and wear a white t-shirt everywhere I go?  That's essentially what Angel's husband, Joe, is doing?  He's decided to own the "bald and beautiful" mantra. But I have a gigantic head.  If I shaved this thing, I would look like Simon Bar Sinister from Underdog.

Guys, help me out!  If you're losing your hair what are you doing about it?  Ladies, chime in too.  What should I do about this?  Has your husband or boyfriend gone through this too?



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