Ah, spring! Baseball, flowers blooming, Kentucky players heading to the NBA. And, of course, it's WARMER.

But when spring springs around the country, every town might recognize tell-tale signs that are different from other towns.

I asked around and learned that you know it's springtime in Owensboro when...

"All it does is rain."

...although, so far, April has nothing on February...but it's early.

"You can't breathe through your nose, but you can still smell barbecue in the air."

And thank God for that.

"You come outside after working and it's daylight."

And that.

"You don't need a jacket but then you're chilly, so you put the jacket back on only to get too hot and so on and so forth..."


"You gotta start mowing the yard."

Ah, spring...and it's necessary evils.

"The azaleas and dogwoods bloom on Littlewood."

My uncle in New Mexico used to come back to Kentucky every other year in April just to see those azaleas and dogwoods.

"You keep a daily sinus headache."

And you keep tissues, cough drops, and decongestants nearby.

"Yard sales!"

Yep. Always a favorite.

"When the sun is out twice in one week."

I like this one.

"Shorts and flip flops are out even if it's only in the 50s."

Right? In fact, I saw that occurrence just last week.

"The Bradford pear trees get their stink on."

Isn't it weird that something so beautiful smells like THAT?!?

"You suddenly have allergies you've never had before."

My lot in life.

"When everyone drives by with windows rolled down and the music turned up!"

...and I hope I like the song you're playing as much you seem to like it.

"When my contacts flop out of my eyes because of allergies."

Holy cow! Is that a thing? (I don't wear them, so I don't know.)

"When the city is deserted while everyone is in Panama City Beach."

My family never went to PCB for spring break, but I always heard there was a "Welcome Owensboroans" sign at the city limits back in the day. Can that be confirmed?

"The smell of burgers cooking on the grill."

Here's the reason I seem to crave hamburgers more and more these days.


These are great! But are there more? I bet you can tell me if there are.


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