This is National Pizza Week and I have decided to celebrate here at by sharing some of my favorite pizza places in and around the tristate area.  Over the weekend, I was in Louisville for the KDCO 6th and 7th Region Dance Competition and got the chance to eat at Danny Mac's.  Friday night, I told my friend Brian that I wanted pizza.  He instantly suggested Danny Mac's and called it "a must."  And he was right!  We ate at the Mellwood Art Center location and, I must confess, I am now properly ADDICTED.  Here's why!

Take a look at our "appetizer!"  These are Danny Mac's Cracksticks!


Here's how they're described on Danny Mac's menu- 8 baked breadsticks smothered in Garlic Butter and Parmesan. Served with a side of pizza sauce for dipping.  As you can see from the photo, "smothered" is an understatement.  The Cracksticks are literally swimming (like a doughy Michael Phelps) in a pool of garlic butter and they are DELICIOUS!  Earlier, I put the word appetizer in quotes and I did that because you could easily make a $5.99 meal out of these sticks.  They're insanely good!

Of course, I usually always get a side salad when I order a pizza.  Danny Mac's served up this . . .


It's an affordably-priced "smaller" version of their House Salad.  It was $3.99.

And, then, of course, the main dish arrived (within minutes, by the way).  We had our pizza within about ten to fifteen minutes of sitting down.  We went in thirty minutes before closing on a snowy night and the staff was in full "turn and burn" mode.  But we didn't care.  I had just driven an hour and a half.  Brian had just played a tennis match.  We were starving!


Brian really wanted a simple pepperoni pizza and that's what we ordered.  Honestly, that's a great way to gauge how good a pizza place really is.  Order a pepperoni pizza and see how it stacks up to others you've had.  Well, without a doubt, Danny Mac's delivered (pardon the pun).

At Danny Mac's, it's really all about the pizza.  The restaurant itself has a dive-bar feel.  There's little artwork on the walls.  There aren't a lot bells and whistles with the atmosphere.  The plates don't match. Your dine-in options are pretty simple- booth?  table?  The star of this production is without a doubt . . . Danny Mac's Pizza!

If you want to check out Danny Mac's full menu, CLICK HERE!  They have two Louisville locations to serve you.  As I mentioned, the location I visited is located at the Mellwood Art Center at 1860 Mellwood Avenue.  There's a second location.  Tim Tam Tavern at 1022 Clarks Avenue proudly serves Danny Mac's Pizza!