It was November 26th, 1989--just a little over 34 years ago, to the day--when ABC aired a special that capitalized on the nation's newest craze--home videos.

It was pretty amazing when my family purchased its first VCR. Imagine...being able to watch theatrical releases IN YOUR HOME. Considering how easy that is today, it makes me laugh at how blown away we were back then. And along with that life-changing convenience came the ability to record ourselves on video, forever ditching the need for reel-to-reel home videos. (I still have my dad's, though, even IF I'm afraid to touch them.)

Anyway, a long-running hit series was born, and to this day, families gather around their viewing devices--some aren't even CALLED televisions anymore--on Sunday nights to watch America's Funniest Home Videos.

One of AFV's Biggest and Youngest Fans Lives in Owensboro

One such family is the Peach family of Owensboro. It's one of their favorite traditions mainly because Kay and Richard Peach's son Preston is one of the show's biggest fans. Recently, the family has been watching some of the older episodes in which host Alfonso Ribeiro gave out pillow cases with pictures of his face on them. Preston wanted one, so Kay messaged the show.

Unfortunately, those pillows are no longer in stock, but that doesn't mean Preston came away empty-handed.

When I wrote to Kay to ask her about using her post for a story, she asked, "Which one?" It seems Preston had become quite the Facebook celebrity PRIOR to the AFV request. And I think that is awesome.

Normally, you'd ask Santa Claus for stuff like that, but he would probably have had to go through the same channels Kay did. Might as well save the Jolly Old Elf a little time this year.

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