Yesterday we told you the first two of ten things you don't know about Josh Turner.  To get you ready for Saturday night's show we present two more. Hey, now'd be a good time to come down to our studios at 3301 Frederica and buy your tickets. $25 a ticket! For Josh Turner, Josh Thompson, Glen Templeton, Casey James and Straight Laced.

3. Josh says his son Hampton has a pretty good voice. He tries really hard to do a low note like Josh. Josh says they’ll say, Hampton, give us a low note. Be great to hear wouldn’t it? Hampton turns five in October.

4. Josh, when asked for his favorite go to karaoke song, he responds, “I hate karaoke”.  So, don’t be asking him for any karaoke music Saturday night. This could be the reason he doesn't like it.

Check back tomorrow for Things You Don't Know About Josh Turner 5 and 6!

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