Christmas may be over, but the spirit of giving lives on in Newington, Connecticut. Have you ever heard of a pay-it-forward situation wherein someone in a drive-through line takes care of the customer behind him or her?

Well, since Christmas Eve, that's been happening in spades at Newington's Starbucks. (And, by the way, where's Owensboro's Starbucks' drive-through window?)

On Christmas Eve morning, someone generously picked up the tab for the next customer in the drive-through. That customer, in turn, paid the next person's bill. And so on. And it continues. The store closed at 5 on Christmas Day and there was $45 left over. So when Starbucks reopened, the employees used that money to pay for customers' orders until it was gone. But the last customer who got to take advantage of that generosity kept it going.

It's like the classiest domino-effect demonstration of all time.