Local artist Aaron Kizer helped the Grand Ole Opry celebrate its 88th birthday yesterday during a celebration at the Opry Plaza.  He took the stage at 10am and, in front of a couple of hundred Opry faithful, painted some of country music's biggest legends.  Wanna know who he immortalized on canvas?

Facebook/The Grand Ole Opry

Yep!  He painted George Jones and Johnny Cash and the audience was blown away.  And the Opry's legion of Facebook fans are impressed too!  Since yesterday morning, the photo collage above has gotten hundreds of LIKES and has been shared dozens of times!

Those of us in Owensboro know that Aaron is an incredibly talented painting superstar!  And, now, Nashville and The Grand Ole Opry know it too.

Congratulations, Aaron!  And, Grand Ole Opry, happy 88th birthday!