America's Got Talent is deep into the 2012 audition season and the usual collection of singers, magicians, dancers, and side-show freaks have come forth trying to make it to Las Vegas.  I am a huge fan of this show and have watched every season, so nothing really surprises me.  That is until last week's episode, when a young man named Andrew De Leon stepped to the mic and told the judges and American he was about to sing before an audience for the first time in his life.  As you can see in the photo, Andrew was sporting a drastically "goth" look . . . complete with Marilyn Manson-inspired contacts, eye-liner and hair.  But then, he opened his mouth to sing and blew everyone away.  YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS!!!

WOW!!  NBC's hit show continues to prove that American does indeed "got" talent!  I have a hunch Andrew De Leon is going to be around for a while and, quite possibly, battle for the show's grand prize:  one million dollars and a headlining show in Las Vegas!  With THAT voice and his flair for drama and presentation . . . I would buy a ticket to see it! 

America's Got Talent resumes Tuesday night on NBA and the auditions roll into Tampa.  Let's see if they can find another act this suprising and stirring!

What did YOU think of Andrew?