The last time Andy Brasher dropped by the WBKR studio, I casually referred to it as "Wednesdays with Andy." Well, another Wednesday rolled around, and my good buddy Andy Brasher dropped in again. And he brought a friend.

Elliott Sublett, who will perform at the Brasher/Bogue & Real Friends Concert October 5th at Kentucky Motor Speedway--along with Jaclyn Graves and the Josh Merritt Band--joined Andy for a couple of live acoustic performances on Wednesday afternoons.

I love it when Andy and Dustin (Brasher/Bogue) have a new project to promote or when either of them is performing somewhere because we get the privilege of hearing a live performance on the air. And it was great to see Elliott, too. It had been a while.

Hopefully, we'll get the video of Elliott and Andy singing "Mama"--a song Elliott wrote with Dustin--posted relatively soon.

In the meantime, you can enjoy Andy and Elliott just KILLING it with their performance of one of my favorite songs, "Indian."