Last week, I unveiled my brand new weekly column here at . . . Chad's Country-Fried YouTube Cover of the Week.  And, in that first edition, I introduced you to the Mabaleka Brothers, a pair of brothers from Zimbabwe who gave their own twist to Kip Moore's song "Somethin' Bout a Truck."  This week, we are going international again.  I was looking around on YouTube this week and came across the group Ashton Lane.  They bill themselves as Scotland's pop/country answer to Lady Antebellum.  And, in my Country-Fried Country Cover of the Week, they take on Kelly Clarkson's "Mr. Know It All" and flavor it up with an awesome acoustic-country vibe and pitch-perfect harmonies.  Take a listen!

How good was that?  The trio routinely covers hit country/pop songs in their web feature called Kitchen Sessions.  And their country-fried take on Clarkson's song is just one of many.

Ashton Lane is made up of Esther O'Connor and her brother (James) and husband (Tim).  They named themselves for a very popular cobbled street on the west end of Glasgow.  And the trio just released a full-length album to ITunes.  Check out Magic in the Air, which is available for download now.  And, if you visit the Ashton Lane website, you can download some of their songs for FREE.