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Brett Eldredge To Judge Miss America
Brett Eldredge is the first celebrity announced to judge the upcoming Miss America pageant! Sure, he's excited about the swimsuit competition, but it's another category that he's most excited about judging.
Sam Hunt Performs With Gospel Choir While In College [VIDEO]
We're used to Sam Hunt's music style these days, but what about during his college years? Sam attended University of Alabama at Birmingham and joined in with their gospel choir during a tribute concert to honor the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007. Take a look at this beautif…
How Caitlyn Jenner Has Changed My Way Of Thinking
Like millions of others around the country, I just finished watching the ESPY's. Contrary to popular belief, I actually watch for the awards, not just to see if Kevin Love took a date. And, to be honest, like many others, I wasn't exactly thrilled with the choice of Caitlyn Jenner winning the Arthur…

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