I have decided to begin a new column here at WBKR.com.  I'll be taking you deep inside my insane CD collection and plucking out random guilty pleasures.  Now, you'll likely make fun of me.  You will laugh.  You will be amazed (and ashamed) that I spent hard-earned money on some of this crap.  But I am proud of my collection and the rather bizarre selections found inside.  And in this, my very first Guilty Pleasures column, I proudly present Shaun Cassidy's Greatest Hits!  Oh, you're already laughing.  I see you!

I was a HUGE Shaun Cassidy fan.  I watched The Hardy Boys religiously and I had every single Shaun Cassidy album.  And, I saw Shaun Cassidy in concert at Roberts Stadium in Evansville.  My aunt Roxie took me.  Floor seats. Center.  Row 10.  Eat your heart out, suckers!  Don't hate on me just because I lived YOUR dream.  LOL!

And check out that track listing on his greatest hits CD.  Yep!  Some of the best are there.  "Hey Deanie," "Do You Believe in Magic," "That's Rock 'N' Roll," and "Hard Love."  And, you couldn't have an essential Shaun Cassidy CD without this . . .


And what makes this pleasure particularly guilty is the final track on the CD.  You're reading that correctly.  It's Shaun Cassidy's version of the Ian Hunter song "Once Bitten Twice Shy."  You likely recall the version by Great White.  It was a big hit.  Shaun's version was, well, not.  In fact, it was TERRIBLE.  Listen . . .


But, it's this track which truly makes Shaun Cassidy's Greatest Hits so special.  It's equal parts the hits and the misses that make this selection a guilty pleasure that forever has a place in my CD collection and my heart.  The heart that stood still when I met him on a Monday.