It's been a couple of weeks since I posted a YouTube Cover of the Week here at  Thank you, Mexico and lots of blended drinks by the swimming pool.  But I am ready to resume my series dedicated to the undiscovered and I have a GREAT one in store for you this week.  Ya'll are very familiar with Kenny Chesney, right?  Well, in this week's blog I am going to introduce you to the OTHER Chesney!  This is Kaia Chesney, who, in my featured clip this week, takes on one of my favorite songs from the 1980's . . . Berlin's "Take My Breath Away" from the Top Gun soundtrack.  Check her out!

I love women who rock.  Throw on some tattoos and give her a guitar and I am likely going to be a fan.  And, I am definitely a fan of Kaia, who gives "Take My Breath Away" a unique, moody and haunting new interpretation.  I love her phrasing . . . and, ironically, I love the breathlessness in her voice.

Kaia says she started her singing career under forts made of bed sheets.  She used to hole up inside them with her Walgreens boom box and sing along with Mariah Carey and Babyface.  Today, she is an Arizona-based singer/songwriter who released her debut CD, Circa 1952, in August of 2011.

If you want to check out some of the tracks from Kaia's CD, CLICK HERE!