Okay, I will admit it.  I don't know where I have been or how I missed this show.  But, over the weekend, I was flipping through channels and came across an episode of The Will: Family Secrets Revealed.  Have you all heard of this?  It's a show about deaths and family struggles over wills and inheritance.  It's really bizarre and, quite frankly, embarrassing.  And, get this.  The episode I happened across was about Conway Twitty.  Check this out!


I didn't get to watch the entire episode.  By the way, this aired for the first time back in 2011 in Season One.  I will ask again, "Where have I been?"  So, I did a little research to find out how this case got resolved.  Apparently, after years of legal wrangling, Twitty's four children finally won the rights to Conway's name, his music and his image.

The Estate (image from ConwayTwitty.com)

Much of the rest of the Twitty estate was sold at public auction after his widow, Dee, rejected the appraisal value.

More legal battles erupted in 1990 when Conway's children sued Sony/ATV Music Publishing over terms of an signed agreement.  They claimed they didn't understand what they were signing, even though they were all adults when the agreement was signed.

At any rate, I don't have all the details and, honestly, I am tired of looking for them.  I still say, this show, The Will: Family Secrets Revealed, is just embarrassing.  To me, there is something a little disgraceful about about all this.  I don't think we do much to honor our deceased if families get torn apart by money and greed when someone passes.  And, like it or not, when the deceased is someone like Conway Twitty, it's even worse. It plays out for the public to watch. Here's a music legend whose library of hits defined and unified a country-loving generation.  And there's his family . . . fighting over it.

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