Not too long ago, I was having some issues with my neck. (And, really, that sort of thing runs in my family.) So I headed to Amazon to see if I could find anything that could relieve my pain in the neck.

Exhausted with trying OTC painkillers that weren't working, I thought perhaps there would be some kind of device I could put on my neck--a traction device of some sort.

When I was a kid, my mother's neck would give her problems, so after work she'd sit in the back of the family room with a strap under her chin that was attached to a rope with an old iron on the other end.

She'd drape that iron over the door and it would lift her neck.

But that was one weight, non-adjustable.

This Chi-Soft Neck Traction device I bought is adjustable and really takes the pressure off. Great for pinched nerves.

It makes talking a chore, as you heard, but that's something I can absolutely live with if this thing makes my neck feel better.

Which it does.