Ya'll know that I am absolutely PUMPED about Holiday World's brand new winged roller coaster, Thunderbird!  It's set to open the final weekend of April and I, personally, cannot wait.  That's why I have been on YouTube watching videos of other winged coasters from around the world.  And that's where I found THIS!  Check out this video of China's famed roller coaster called Dinoconda.  It looks phenomenal!

What do you think?  Would you ride Dinoconda?  Or are you humming to yourself, "My Dinoconda don't!  My Dinoconda don't!"  LOL!!

And, by the way, in case you want an update about Holiday World's new coaster, check this out.  Coaster Studios put together this track update a couple of weeks ago.

Again, Holiday World's Thunderbird will officially open to the public on Saturday, April 25th with a special preview night for Season Pass holders on Friday, April 24th!