This is VERY exciting.  Paul Jolley, who two years ago was a finalist in WBKR's Battle for The Big O talent competition, is going to Hollywood!  Paul was featured on last night's episode on American Idol and was shown auditioning before the judges in Baton Rouge.  Take a look at Paul's performance and see what the judges had to say about his powerful voice and story!

Congratulations and best of luck to Paul.  I remember Paul from "back in the day" at Goldie's.  He used to come to Owensboro to sing on open mic night and he had that voice even when he was younger.

And, of course, we remember him from just a couple of years ago when he came to Taylor's to audition for our Battle for the Big O.  Check this out!

So Paul is off to Hollywood!  Join WBKR in cheering him on and wishing him well.  Could it be?  Could it be that Paul is the next American Idol?

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