I've recently been made aware of two hilarious viral videos via Facebook. And they're both pretty timely. One hilariously illustrates a plan of attack in case of a "polar vortex" and one just illustrates an attack.

Now, I don't know who the dude is who's so frantic to get to the store to buy his bread and milk because he's heard the word "snow" in a forecast. But it's a pretty funny spoof of people's reactions when they get wind of such a forecast.

You know the old joke about how everyone rushes out to get eggs, bread, and milk in preparation for a storm and you have to wonder why bad weather makes everyone want French toast? Well, this guy has his own idea for parody. And it's really funny.



And then there are BAD ideas. Stray cat approaches your yard (and isn't even bothering you) and you proceed to kick snow in its face until it leaves.

Thing is, it doesn't leave. It does this:



And I laugh uncontrollably. Thanks impatient lady and angry cat.