What a blast! The Hell on Wheels bus--sponsored by Henderson Chevrolet-Buick-GMC--rolled out of the WBKR parking lot on Saturday night, and off we went on an AWESOME adventure!

I seriously encourage as many of you as possible to visit The Devil's Attic, Haunted Hotel, and Industrial Terrorplex on your next visit to Louisville.


The Devil's Attic incorporated stunning visual and makeup effects to re-create some iconic horror movies--the best of which, in my opinion, was The Exorcist--plus the use of lighting and smoke effects was incredible.

The Haunted Hotel is flat-out ingenious and should be listed among the "Seven Wonders of the Kentucky World." And if that list doesn't exist, it should just so we could put the Haunted Hotel on it. From a convincing rickety old elevator to demons and creatures appearing out of nowhere to swollen walls...it was sensory overload, but it was AMAZING!

The Industrial Terrorplex, which is just across the river in Jeffersonville, is a clever combo of four haunted houses in one--Industrial Nightmare (the theme is an "industrial disaster"), Dementions (notice the spelling), Infected (the theme is an "zombie outbreak"), and Carn-evil (literally dizzying visual effects plus mazes, obstacle courses, and demon clowns). A very impressive and frightening way to celebrate Halloween.

Everyone had a great time as you can see in the photos we managed to gather. For obvious reasons no picture-taking or video-recording was allowed inside each haunted house, but maybe the attached videos will give you some idea.

What an incredible night! I wanna go back!