Are you watching this season of Dancing With The Stars?  It's arguably the closest season we've ever had on the show.  (Look at me!  I said "closest season WE'VE ever had!"  Like I'm Tom Bergeron or Brooke Burke or something!)  But the latest batch of Disco Ball-hopefuls is truly running neck and neck.  Each week, the scores are SO CLOSE and it's been really hard to name a frontrunner!  But, I think we have one emerging . . .

Now, before I launch into full support of Hines Ward, let me say that my absolute favorite contestant is Kirstie Alley!  She's hysterically funny and a surprisingly good dancer.  I love a good underdog story and Kirstie, heading into this season, was most certainly an underdog!  That's why I am personally pulling for her to win.  I think a Kirstie Alley victory would be the ultimate validation for plus-sized women everywhere.  (Look at me!  I say that like I'm a plus-sized woman or something!)  BUT I REALLY WANT HER TO WIN!!!  That said, I think there's someone in the cast who can "tackle" her dreams of winning!

And that person is, without a doubt, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward, who carries on the long line of football players who have careered it on DWTS!  Emmitt Smith, anyone?  Last night, on America Tribute night, Hines got 9's across the board and seized control of the leaderboard.  And it didn't hurt that Carrie Ann Inaba was swooning over Hines' hip action.  I have a feeling a lot of women around the country were doing the same and were lustily picking up their phones to call in or text in votes!

And, let's be honest, Hines is VERY familiar with winning.  First of all, he plays with the Pittsburgh Steelers!  You know he wins win them! (Remember, this is the team with most Super Bowl rings in the AFC or NFC!)  And let's not forget Super Bowl XL, when the Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks 21 to 10 to claim the championship and our boy, Hines, was voted the MVP! 

I just have a hunch that Hines is in line to be the MVP of this season of Dancing With The Stars!   While there is some stiff competition from Kirstie, Chelsea Kane, Ralph Macchio, and the recently-emerging Chris Jericho, Hines seems to be a step ahead of the pack.  Call him "Dunkin" Hines . . . because that's what he's doing to the competition!

Tune into ABC tonight for the DWTS results show.  And  be on the lookout for performances from special musical guest, Toby Keith!   He'll be saluting US troops with a performance of "American Soldier" and will also sing "Should've Been a Cowboy!"