Well... I've been talking...ok, complaining about this 5K for the past three weeks. Well, yesterday was the big day. I got new shoes, a new outfit...I was ready! (Well, sort of!) 

I was in Columbia for the Bull Run Charity Music Event and the Sarah Kay's 5K.

So, I wake up, terrified!!! Haha! I got ready early, because we were hitting up a local radio station to promote the day. Man, I'll be honest... my outfit was sooo cute!! Shoes so bright and clean!! Then...the rains came. Yep... I ran my first (and, I can't promise it won't be my last! Ha!) 5K in the POURING rain and thunder! We looked like we took a dip in a pond when we were finished! I had to wring my socks out!!I wanted to stop sooo bad, but y'all know how scared of storms I am, and if I kept running, I could get back to the house faster! Haha!

Thank goodness for my friend Ashley, she kept me going! I'm proud to say that I finished in 29 minutes and 44 seconds!! Sure, it would take me 14 days to run a marathon with time like that, but I'm proud! And, I didn't stop at all! I would like to say that a member of my band (not gonna say his name, but he is a lefty and plays lead guitar for me!!) only beat me by about 35 seconds!! Ha!

So, even thou my outfit was interrupted by my unexpected hat and my new tennis shoes are probably ruined... I would do it all again! Such a great cause and I can say that I've done it!

Thanks for all of the support!!

Oh, out of 2o something runners, I finished 6th!! I'll post pics of my metal later!! Ha!