Can someone explain this to me?  Why is Jaclyn's picture bigger than mine in this poster?  She has an 8 x 10" and I'm sitting there looking like a chimp in a thumbnail!  I demand this poster go back to the graphic designer and printer immediately.  I don't know who this blonde bimbo thinks she is.  Actually, I'm just kidding.  Jaclyn and I are pumped up that the Lanham Brothers, Barry and Randy, asked us to close out their 2013 season.  Here are some video highlights from the show we did together last year!  There as some singing, some dancing, and whole lot of laughing!

So, join us for the September edition of the Lanham Brothers Jamboree.  It's 7pm, Saturday, September 14th at Diamond Lake's Good Time Theatre.

Tickets are just $10 for adults and can be purchased in advance at the Lanham Brothers Jamboree official website.  Or they'll be available for purchase at the door the night of the event.